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Schéma lomných linií humeru: 1. odlomení velkého tubercula 2. odlomení malého tubercula 3. anatomický krček 4. chirurgický krče H = humerus, R = radius, U = ulna; zlomenina naznačena šipkou. Léčba [ upravit | editovat zdroj ] U nedislokovaných nebo dislokovaných po reposici konservativní (visací sádra, Desault , abdukční dlaha, cirkulární ortézy)

The humerus is located in the upper arm and humerus fracture occurs due to a fall or direct trauma or may be caused by disease such as Paget's disease. Doctor Formulated Supplements. 0 A humerus fracture is an injury to the bone of the upper arm that connects the shoulder to the elbow. Humerus fractures are generally divided into three types of injuries based on the location of the fracture. 1  The top of the arm bone is called the proximal humerus, and the bottom of the bone is called the distal humerus

Proximal humerus fractures often happen to elderly individuals due to osteoporosis and weakened bones; in fact, the proximal humerus bone in the shoulder is the third most frequently broken bone (after hip fractures and wrist fractures) in patients over 65 years old The Neer system divides the proximal humerus into four parts and considers not the fracture line, but the displacement as being significant in terms of classification. The four parts are the humeral head, the greater tuberosity, the lesser tuberosity and the humeral shaft. Displacement is on a per-part basis

Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers The humerus bone is the long bone that is located between the shoulder and the elbow. Humeral fractures can be categorized into three type of groups, depending on which part of the bone is broken. A proximal humerus fracture is when the humerus bone is broken at or near the top, near or at the shoulder Fig. 19.1 Radiogenic fracture of the proximal humerus of a 11-year old male patient. After complete surgical removal (R0) of a recurrent Desmoid-type fibromatosis local radiotherapy with 60 Gy was administered after repeated recurrence. Six month after completion of radiotherapy, pathologic fracture of the proxial humerus occured while swimming (left picture) The humerus is a relatively common site of pathological fracture. 8% of humeral shaft fractures in a Swedish study were pathological. [ 1 ] Suspect pathological fracture if any of the following features are present We help you diagnose your Proximal humerus case and provide detailed descriptions of how to manage this and hundreds of other pathologies. Login. Specialty. Module. Make diagnosis. Management selection. Authors of section Authors. Martin Jaeger, Frankie Leung, Wilson Li. Executive Editors

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  1. A humerus fracture is the medical term for a break in the bone of the upper arm. The humerus is the long bone that sits between the shoulder and the elbow. Humeral fractures can be classified into three types, depending on which part of the bone is broken. A proximal humerus fracture is when the bone is broken at or near the top, by the shoulder
  2. A mid-shaft humerus fracture is a type of broken arm. The humerus is the bone in your upper arm, between your shoulder and elbow. It's especially strong and is capped with the ball of the ball-and-socket shoulder joint. It also includes the hinge of the elbow joint on the bottom
  3. Proximal humeral fractures usually result from a fall on an outstretched arm. Indirect forces transmitted through the proximal humerus and shoulder are the cause of most fractures. These forces may be compressive, tension, torsion or bending. Radiographic feature

The humerus is the long bone in the upper arm that sits between the shoulder and the elbow, and the top part of it is referred to as the proximal humerus. The four rotator cuff muscles, the main muscles responsible for shoulder stability and mobility, all attach here The humeral shaft is defined as the portion of the humerus distal to the surgical neck and proximal to the epicondyles. The proximal half is almost cylindrical, whereas distally, the anteroposterior diameter narrows into a prismatic shape. The posterior surface (between the medial and lateral borders) is the largest

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fractura de diáfisis de húmero (trastorno), fractura de la diáfisis del húmero, fractura de diáfisis de húmero, fractura de la diáfisis del húmero (trastorno) Dutch: fractuur; humerus, schacht, humerus; fractuur, schacht, Fractuur van schacht van humerus intracapsular fracture of the proximal humerus. Hertel R. J Shoulder Elbow Surg, 2004 Factores pronósticos de necrosis -Patrón de la fractura -Longitud de la extensión metafisaria medial de la cabeza -Integridad de la bisagra media A humerus fracture generally is the result of a fall or a blow to the arm. The following are some potential causes: Indirect blow to the humerus—If you fall down and land on your arm, and it is outstretched with the elbow locked, the ulna can be forced into the distal humerus (the portion of the humerus that makes up a part of the elbow), causing a distal humerus fracture El Dr. Santiago Aráuz de la Unidad de Hombro nos habla de la fractura de húmero proximal, su origen, síntomas, diagnóstico, tratamiento y recuperación. Puede..

The humerus is the long bone in your upper arm that connects your shoulder joint to your elbow joint. A break in the humerus bone occurs in one of three general locations: closer to the shoulder joint (proximal point), closer to the elbow joint (distal point), or somewhere in the middle (diaphyseal point) Indicación: Fractura no desplazada Fractura tipo I de Gartland Inmovilización con yeso B-P (90º, pronosupinación neutra) 3 semanas Mapes y Henricus. The effect of elbow position on the radial pulse mesure by doppler ultrasonography after surgycal treatment of supracondylar elbow fractures in children. J Pediatr Orthop 199 A supracondylar fracture is an injury to the humerus, or upper arm bone, at its narrowest point, just above the elbow. Supracondylar fractures are the most common type of upper arm injury in children (OBQ09.138) A 33-year-old male sustains a distal humerus fracture and is treated with open reduction and internal fixation of the distal humerus with olecranon osteotomy. A postoperative radiograph is shown in Figure A. A new deficit of the anterior interosseous nerve is now noted in the recovery room fractura del húmero (trastorno), fractura de húmero, fractura del húmero, fractura de húmero (trastorno), fractura de húmero, SAI (trastorno), Fracture of humerus NOS, fractura de húmero, SAI, Fractura de húmero, Fracturas del Húmer

In the uncomplicated distal humerus supracondylar and lateral condylar fractures, it takes 5 weeks to restore original elbow ROM after removal of long arm cast without physical therapy. This information could be applied in the education material to caregivers of children with elbow injuries The humerus is made up of three different anatomic parts: the proximal humerus, the shaft and the distal humerus. The proximal humerus is part of the shoulder joint, and the distal humerus is part of the elbow joint. The shaft of the humerus can fracture as a result of trauma, including falls, motor vehicle accidents, gunshot wounds and birth. Media in category Fractures of the human humerus The following 6 files are in this category, out of 6 total. Grierson 51 Cabestrillo brazo.jpg 557 × 801; 115 K

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Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube Fractura de húmero por estrés en lanzador de beisbol. Presentación de un caso. The authors present the case of a teenager who suffered left humerus fracture due to stress while he was pitching a baseball game. Humerus fractures caused by stress are infrequent. They commonly occur in athletes practicing throwing sports, being more frequent in. A humerus fracture is a broken upper arm bone located between your shoulder and elbow. There are three types of humerus fracture injuries based on the location. A break at the top of your arm bone is called the proximal humerus fracture, and the bottom of the bone is called the distal humerus fracture. Between is a humerus shaft fracture fractura de húmero proximal con manejo conserva- dor, en el período comprendido. fracturas de metáfisis distal del radio.9 Dependiendo del tipo de fractura y las se estabilizaban con placas tercio y medio tubo obteniendo resultados de Fractura avulsión aislada del troquín del húmero: a propósito de dos casos Isolated avulsion fracture of the lesser tuberosity of the humerus: A study of two cases of isolated avulsion fracture of the lesser tuberosity of the humerus treated surgically by anatomical reattachment using bony anchors is reported

Diagnosis: Fracture on the humeral bone at the elbow (Fractura supracondylaris humeri) Anatomy: The humerus consists of a joint head (caput), the neck (collum), the body of the bone (corpus), and the the part of the humerus that is articulating with the elbow (epicondylus). A. Caput humeri B. Collum chirurgicum C. Epicondylus medialis D. Epicondylu HUMERUS FX ORIF PROTOCOL (PROXIMAL, MIDSHAFT, or DISTAL ORIF) Dr. Sean Griffin Weeks 1-4 • Wear the sling full time for 2 weeks, and then only wear when outside the home for 4 more weeks. • Sleep with arm out of sling, straight on pillows with arm elevated for edema reduction

Humeral shaft fractures account for approximately 20% of fractures of the humerus in children. The incidence is thought to be between 12 and 30 per 100,000 per year. There is a bimodal distribution of fractures with the majority occurring in children younger than 3 or older than 12. Clinical Findings Distal humerus fractures continue to pose challenging reconstructive problems for the orthopedic surgeon. The elbow joint coordinates movements of the upper extremity, facilitating the execution of activities of daily living in areas such as hygiene, dressing, and cooking. When the distal humerus is injured, elbow joint function can be impaired Proximal humerus fracture surgery, like all types of surgery, carries some risks, such as infection. In particular, surgical fixation of the proximal humerus in elderly patients carries a higher risk of implant failure and reoperation (between 19% and 30%). 5 People who undergo these surgeries also face similar risks as people who undergo. Shoulder fractures most often involve the clavicle (collarbone), proximal humerus (top of the upper arm bone), or the scapula (shoulder blade). Shoulder dislocations can involve any of the three different joints that make up the shoulder This fracture is the second most common distal humerus fracture in children. They occur between the ages of 4 and 10 years. These fractures occur when a varus force is applied to the extended elbow. They tend to be unstable and become displaced because of the pull of the forearm extensors

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3Capitellum Fractures SCOTT H. KOZIN The capitellum represents the distal extension of the lateral column of the humerus. The spherical shape of the capitellum articulates with the concave radial head. The matching contour and intervening cartilage provide load transmission and proximal radioulnar joint stability. Maximum contact and load transference occur during forearm pronation and valgu Short description: Unsp fracture of shaft of humerus, left arm, init The 2021 edition of ICD-10-CM S42.302A became effective on October 1, 2020. This is the American ICD-10-CM version of S42.302A - other international versions of ICD-10 S42.302A may differ La fractura de húmero producida durante la realización de una pelea de brazos, más conocido como pulso, es típicamente una fractura diafisaria espiroidea corta, entre el tercio medio y distal. Normal Alignment of the distal humerus and Capitellum A line drawn along the anterior border of the distal humerus (green) should intersect the long axis of the capitellum (purple) in the mid third (area shaded light green) 7. • For a true lateral view the shoulder should be at the level of the elbow A humerus fracture is a bone fracture of the arm. Fractures of the humerus may be classified by the location and divided into fractures of the upper end, the shaft, or the lower end. MeSH Code: 68006810 Comminuted midshaft humerus fracture with callus formation . Source: Wikipedia

Proximal Humerus Fractures. Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty for a 4-part proximal humerus fracture. Interobserver agreement of Neer and AO classifications humeor proximal humeral fractures. Elective implant removal in symptomatic patients after internal fixation of proximal humerus fractures improves clinical outcome Fundamento: la fractura del extremo proximal del húmero es una enfermedad traumática frecuente, en especial en pacientes que presentan osteoporosis de. La fractura proximal del húmero, a menudo denominada fractura del hombro, es una lesión frecuente en las personas de edad avanzada The humerus of the upper arm and the paired radius and ulna of the forearm meet to form the elbow joint, a hinge joint in the upper arm. The bony prominence at the tip of the elbow is the olecranon process of the ulna. The antecubital fossa lies over the anterior aspect of the elbow We get to the conclusion that in the complex fracture of the distal extremity of the humerus, its func-tional restoration is possible by making an anatomical reduction and a stable fixation which will allow fractura de muñeca, fractu-ra-luxación de Monteggia, TEC, paresia del nervi Background: Controversy exists regarding the best treatment of proximal humerus fractures in the elderly. Recent studies of open reduction and internal fixation have demonstrated high complication rates. Questions/purposes: We asked whether (1) open reduction and internal fixation could be performed with low rates of immediate and delayed complications, (2) reduction of these fractures could.

Fractures of the proximal humerus are a common fracture type. These fractures are classified based on anatomic location, mechanism of injury, displacement of the fracture fragments and vascular supply. While some fractures of the proximal humerus are treated nonoperatively, many need operative treatment including displaced two, three and four. Distal Humerus Fracture Open Reduction and Internal Fixation !erapy Instructions - Early Motion Protocol Laith Al-Shihabi, MD 1 week Splint: -Fashion removable long-arm splint holding the elbow in 90 degrees of !exion and wrist in neutral at 1 week post-op

Palabras clave: fractura, húmero, valoración clínica, resultados, osteonecrosis, tratamiento. ABSTRACT. Introduction: Fractures of the proximal humerus resulting in three or more fragments represent a high risk of necrosis. The former is the second most frequent site of necrosis, only after the femur, due to either traumatic or nontraumatic. Translate Humerus fracture. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations Fractures of the humerus may be classified by the location of the fracture and divided into fractures of the proximal region, which is near the shoulder, the middle region, which is the shaft of the humerus, and the distal region, which is near the elbow. La fractura del húmero se observa en todos los grupos de edad, pero es más frecuente.

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A fracture of the distal humerus affects the elbow joint, which coordinates the movements of the upper limb, facilitating the execution of activities of daily living, such as grooming, dressing and cooking. The fracture of the distal extremity of the humerus continues to represent a fracture that i » Fractura humerus » Luxatie umar / dislocare umar » Leziune Bankart - Operatie la umar Bankart » Fractura de clavicula » Artroza umarului , artrita reumatoida la umar » Capsulita adeziva - Umar ingheta Humerus definition is - the long bone of the upper arm or forelimb extending from the shoulder to the elbow Fracture of colum chirurgicum of humerus. CASE. Two cases of comminutive fracture of the surgical neck of humerus, with slight medial displacement of the shaft medially in the first case (left sides), and gross displacement of the shaft medially and anteriorly in the second case (right sided) The operation hadn't even started and it was only a fractured humerus. Ni siquiera había empezado la operación y era sólo una fractura de húmero . The humerus is robustly built but elongated with a length of 27 millimetres

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